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Mission Statement:

  • To achieve a Herefordshire richer in wildlife that is understood, valued and cared for by individuals, organisations and communities.
  • To acquire and conserve significant or potentially significant wildlife habitat for its biodiversity and for people to enjoy.
  • To protect and restore the county's wildlife by influencing and advising land managers and policy makers based on sound information.
  • To increase understanding and awareness of wildlife amongst people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in order to encourage action for conservation.
  • To encourage and support local people to take action for wildlife.
  • To provide opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the Trust's work ensuring a good match with their interests, abilities and needs.
  • To raise the profile of our work in order to increase support from as wide a range of people and organisations as possible.
  • To generate sustainable income to support our conservation work calling on as wide a range of sources as possible.


Herefordshire Nature Trust is the largest membership-based wildlife organisation in the area, dedicated to inspiring people about wildlife, acting as a wildlife champion, creating wildlife havens and encouraging sustainable living.

The Trust covers the county of Herefordshire and works closely with neighbouring Wildlife Trusts in England and Wales. The Trust is supported by nearly 5000 local members and manages 54 nature reserves.